Saturday, April 11, 2009

Radio, Radio!

In my attempt to become the grand poobah of media, I did a 15-minute segment with Papa Joe Chevalier, a Las Vegas sports radio host, on Friday. It was a ton of fun, and Joe was a gracious host. He was also nice enough to mention the blog--twice.

If you want to hear the audio, go to, and click on Friday's show (4/10). I should be on during the 1/2 way mark. Then, sit back and enjoy my nerdiness in full audio! (I'm going to see if I can get audio to post on the blog.)

Also, thanks to Sean O'Connell for recommending me for the gig when he couldn't make it. Much appreciated. Gestures like that make me realize that I'm doing something right.

I've done radio spots before, and it's amazing how nervous I get beforehand. Once everything starts, I usually have a good time. The worst part is afterwards, when I begin dissecting my performance, like I'm Tony Gwynn breaking down his swing during a slump. So, there's good and bad...

As for what else is good...Here are some odds and ends...
  1. Please mosey on down to to buy a Viva Shea! shirt. Baby brother's shirt is getting a load of good press, including The Trenton Times, my old stomping grounds.
  2. My interview with Robert Sabbag is now on Publishers Weekly's Website. Click here. I think it turned out very well.
  3., where I've been writing forever, was bought by AMC. So, that's good all around. I've written a ton of stuff for them recently, including a feature on the Top 10 Wingmen of all time, plus reviews of In Cold Blood, Woodstock, Johnny Got His Gun, and Inside Moves. So, please visit my archive there.
  4. I recently filed stories for TCNJ Magazine and NJ Life. I'll let you know when those stories run.
That's it...More to come shortly.

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