Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Review of Skyfall

This ran last week in The Weekender though I'm just getting around to posting now. The previous week was ripe with deadlines, and posting a review for one of the best Bond films ever didn't take precedence. For the curious, you can read my thoughts here.

As you might have heard, Skyfall had the best opening ever for a Bond film, raking in close to $90 million over its opening weekend, its impressive box office undoubtedly helped in that it was the weekend's only big premiere. 

Knowing this, my wife and I arrived 10 minutes early for the 10:10 a.m. show. By that time, the place was about 75 percent full and I considered us lucky to get two seats that weren't behind the screen. 

Others were not so lucky. 

I counted at least 25 people who came in after 10:10 a.m, looking dazed and confused. Why is it so crowded? Usually it isn't this bad until the fifth preview. Granted, not everyone knew this was the only new thing coming out this weekend--unless you were one of the cities that got an early release of Lincoln. But, jeez, Bond is super-popular. People are bound to come in droves, even if it's during a time when people are usually sleeping, eating breakfast, or settling in for 15 hours of pro football.

So, here's a list of characteristics signifying when you should arrive early for a movie. These apply for opening weekends. 

1.) Any movie based on a comic book, especially from the Marvel or DC family.

2.) Any movie based on a hot book (e.g., The Hunger Games, 50 Shades of Grey)

3.) Any movie involving Kate Winslet, Woody Allen, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Philip Thomas Anderson, or Alexander Payne (art house only)

4.) Any movie based on an iconic, long-running character or is a massively successful franchise (i.e., Bond, The Twilight movies) 

5.) Any movie featuring a superstar loved by grandmothers and gangsters.

6.) When early arrival is most important: Friday and Saturday nights; Sunday afternoons.

UPDATE from our pal, NYC film critic Jesse Hassenger: "Ten minutes before is early? NYC says ha! Arrive 30 minutes early for everything, 60 for a big movie, 90 for real IMAX!" 

This post is according to SST, Suburban Standard Time. Also, Jesse's quote illuminates why I can't abide living in New York, a city I love. Not only would I have to make twice what I'm making now to live like I do now--I'm a regular Prince of Versailles, baby--I don't want to destroy my day in an attempt to see "Taken 2." 

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