Monday, November 12, 2012

Latest for Philly Post: On the Awfulness A "Casablanca" Sequel Will Inspire

Who's up for "The Wrath of Zihuatenejo" or "Aloha, Memories"? You can read my apocalyptic musings right here.

Janine White, my editor at The Philly Post, gives me freedom to respond to pop culture nuggets, instead of having a set weekly deadline. That's a really nice offer that becomes dreadful when it's Thursday morning and the pantry is bare. I was striking out left and right with ideas last week, until I found the item regarding a "Casablanca" sequel. After that, I got cracking.

One myth about professional writing that I must tear into a thousand pieces: You will get absolutely nowhere if you wait for the muse to pay a visit. Just ask anyone who's ever written for a newspaper, or needed to write something to pay the electric bill. It's a job--a fantastic job--but a job just the same.

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