Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review of "Life of Pi"

An average Ang Lee effort is still better than most directors' best work. You can read my review for The Weekender right here.

The one thing that bothered me when I saw this on a Sunday afternoon was the number of families present for such a heady film. I have a strange feeling that parents saw the preview and said, "Hey, it looks like a kid-friendly tale about a plucky boy and his pet tiger. Sasha and Mason will love it!"

A quick look at Lee's filmography and a trip to Rotten Tomatoes could have saved everyone a lot of grief, but maybe the adults wanted to have bragging rights at the PTA meeting. "Oh, Brave was cute, but we expose the kids to more substantial fare. That's why we all saw Life of Pi."

Cue audible eye-rolling from listener. 

Adding to the absurdity was that "Rise of the Guardians," by all accounts a solid animated feature, was playing like 100 feet away.

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