Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jancee Dunn Responds to Her Miniscule Literary Honor

On Saturday, I interviewed writer and New Jersey native Jancee Dunn for Primetime A&E. Jancee was a dream interview--candid, funny, and without an ounce of pretension. In case you're curious, the interview, which ties into the release of her new novel, should run in August and will also appear on this blog.

Before I fired away on my questions, we chatted for about 10 minutes. (I had interviewed her for last year, and we've kept in touch.) I mentioned, almost as a joke, that I featured her memoir But Enough About Me as the blog's book of the month for June.

I thought I'd get a pleasant, "Gee, thanks, an honor on a blog no one reads" or "Very cool, now can we get this started?" I don't use the phrase "over the moon" very often, but Jancee's reaction was just that. You would have thought I told her she had won a Pultizer Prize covered in milk chocolate. And the cool part was, the reaction was completely genuine. She was touched.

As for her new book, the debut novel Don't You Forget About Me? It's first-rate, plow through the fatigue readable fiction. You can buy it in stores July 29, the same day her husband Tom Newmark's book (Traffic Signals) is released.

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