Friday, June 29, 2012

Why the Hell Did I Watch This? The Rom-Com Edition

"Love and Other Drugs"--When its two main characters are so despicable that not even Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal can do anything with them, well....I knew the movie was in trouble when Hathaway was naked in every other scene. It's like the producer said, "Jesus, this is going nowhere. Have Anne show her cans again." And nothing screams creative bankruptcy like Viagra jokes, even if they're used once. That's a deal breaker to me. Shame on you, "Love and Other Drugs" for resorting to boner jokes...and for making me become bored with a naked Anne Hathaway. 

"Life As We Know It"--I was really, really tired. Apparently, it's funny when attractive, oblivious morons raise a baby. A movie is bound to suck when the premise is "These two attractive opposites are going to fall in love eventually." Don't insult our intelligence.   

"Something Borrowed"--My wife wanted to watch this, so we endured the last 30 minutes of this rock-stupid monstrosity. The phrase "starring Kate Hudson" should be considered as dire a warning as "high voltage" or "may cause death." 

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