Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jersey Shore Shark Attack: The Timeline

My editor at The Philly Post asked me to review SyFy's latest tongue-in-cheek epic. Writing a straightforward review was impossible, so I decided to construct a timeline. You can read the piece here.

A couple of notes:

1.) You know who was involved in this project? Former TCNJ Magazine subject, Kevin Kasha! 

2.) My in-laws were nice enough to record it on their DVR--I didn't make it home in time for the Saturday night premiere and couldn't procure a screener--so I watched and took notes during a Sunday morning visit. For some reason, the cable system initially kept bumping me to ESPN. The reason: my brother-in-law Lou, who's studying at the London School of Economics, was trying to watch a soccer game at the same time remotely. 

Lou kindly let me finish the program, though he and his soccer-loving friends were confused why someone was watching Jersey Shore Shark Attack. "Surely there must be some mistake," he wrote to me. "We stumbled upon a bratty nine-year-old's TV. I couldn't bear to even keep it on. I had to rid the contagion from my eyes."  

3.) Lou's vitriol aside, I enjoyed the movie. I just let the ridiculousness wash over me. (My in-laws also thought the movie was a hoot.)  

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