Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Top 25...Starring Naomi Watts!

A friend of mine recently asked for my top 25 movies of the 00s. At first, I was intrigued with the idea. This was my first decade as a real, live movie reviewer so I was thrilled at the prospect at whipping out the fancy titles.

I quickly ran into some problems, namely perspective and time. The aughts are barely over and it's hard for me to gauge the movies of the decade that were truly important. I went through some old reviews and top 10 lists, and I it was like going through old yearbook photos. Did I really have "Shrek 2" in my top 10 for 2004? How could I have put "American Pie 2" in the top 10 for 2001?

The other problem is that from year to year there's stuff that I miss that I want to see. If I miss an average of three movies a year, that's 30 movies. Suddenly, I don't feel like such an expert, but just a moron who never got around to seeing "Syriana" because he felt like watching "Shattered Glass" or "The Blues Brothers" again.

What I decided to do was list the 25 movies of the decade that moved me in some way, that shook my foundation. I'm sure that I've forgotten a few titles, and I'm sure there are others that will stay with me when I finally catch up to them on DVD.

So, without further ado, here's the list. Please note that is not a ranking of good to best--just stuff that I loved.

1.) Up
2.) City of God
3.) The Kid Stays in the Picture
4.) Capturing the Friedmans
5.) The Lookout
6.) Sideways
7.) Love, Actually
8.) The Dark Knight
9.) Secretary
10.) Little Children
11.) Shattered Glass
12.) The 40-Year-Old Virgin
13.) United 93
14.) Almost Famous
15.) The Squid & the Whale
16.) Before Sunset
17.) Vicky Cristina Barcelona
18.) Mulholland Drive
19.) You and Me and Everyone We Know
20.) Murderball
21.) Brick
22.) 21 Grams
23.) American Splendor
24.) Monsoon Wedding
25.) Pan's Labyrinth

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