Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Interest in Lindsay Lohan, 2003-10

Pete Croatto's interest in Lindsay Lohan died this afternoon soon after the critic discovered that she was suing E-trade for libel over a completely innocuous commercial featuring talking friggin' babies. It was six years old.

The interest was at its peak from 2003 to around 2005, when Lohan gave a moving, hilarious performance in "Freaky Friday" and proceeded to blossom into a younger, hotter, and much funnier version of Ann-Margret. Lohan even earned the approval of Lorne Michaels, who had her host SNL several times, and produced Lohan's 2004 hit "Mean Girls."

However, Lohan's momentum could not be sustained, thanks to a series of terrible movie roles, family scandal, and a lifestyle that made her look like a lollipop. Croatto's interest was on life support after her humorless starring roles in two dreadful movies: "Just My Luck" (2006) and "Georgia Rule" (2007).

Croatto is survived by a passing interest in Malin Akerman and a severe indifference to Megan Fox.

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Nick Cartagena said...

Say it aint so. What about Herbie Fully Loaded?