Thursday, May 7, 2009

WPW, an Excruciating Year Later...

In April 2008, I started this little blog. A year later, it's still a little blog, but a healthy, growing one. Kind of like Benjamin Button when he was 8 or so. I guess WPW is a reflection of my freelancing career. Though there have been bumps in the road--for everyone-I think I'm doing OK.

Seriously, I want to thank everyone who's read or commented (Nick, especially) and the two folks (Javier, Mike S; by the way, Jav, I need to reach out to you...Badly) who have followed. It's great to see people are interested in what I have to say; it's a really nice feeling, actually. So, tell your friends and family about the blog, and please keep reading.

As long as I have a Regal Crown Card and a notepad and pencil, I'll keep doing this. Thank you, and now on with the show...Exits are at the back and the side.
P.S.--Isn't this a great shot? How'd that kid get on the table?

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