Thursday, May 28, 2009

May's Book of the Month

I love books: They're fun, educational, and good for killing flies on countertops.

A lot of folks may know film professor and historian Leonard Maltin (pictured) as the movie guy from Entertainment Tonight. That had to be a boost to his profile, but it had to damage his credibility rating. After all this is the same program that brought "Cojo" upon a nation.

Anyway, Maltin will always have a place in my heart. First, when I wrote to him years ago asking for advice/a job, he responded with a very nice note. Second, each year he and his team of writers put together the spectacular Movie Guide, a collecton of short DVD reviews filled with keen analysis and crisp writing. I buy one every couple of years.

The book is invaluable for two reasons. First, you have easy access to thousands of movies, complete with summaries, criticism, cast lists, and ratings. It's a nice book to have by the remote control. Second, anyone looking how to write concisely and effectively needs to procure a copy. I've spent hours reading one edition or another, mesmerized at how Maltin and his writers can cram so much info and insight into what amounts to a lengthy caption.

With that puzzling, frightening admission out in the open, get yourself a copy...Happy Reading!

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