Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hudson out, Chalke in.

After eight years, Scrubs bid adieu last night. If you're looking for a recap, this ain't the place. I was out catching a screening of Away We Go, which was prefaced by a trip to see Wolverine. I enjoyed both, though I wish Away We Go had more explosions and high-octane car chases. I really expected more from Dave Eggers. For shame.

Anyway, I mention Scrubs because I am curious about what Sarah Chalke is going to do now. I always thought she was a woefully underpublicized. She's sexy, very funny, and just, I don't know, personable. Even when Scrubs got increasingly zany, she never seemed to be exerting herself, a la Jenny McCarthy back in the day.

I always thought that she should be a bigger star, but her highlights so far have been few--guesting on some episodes of How I Met Your Mother and headlining a commercial for Hanes underpants (see slightly embarassing photo)...Um, yeah, that's not too great.

So, here's what I'm proposing. The next time some studio exec proposes a romantic comedy starring Kate Hudson or Meg Ryan--who've had their opportunities and blown them--just give Chalke a chance. She won't cost much, she has a legion of fans from TV, and she's a proven talent...Plus, she won't have to shell wedgie-free undies. Hudson can take that gig.

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