Monday, March 23, 2009

Where the Hell Have You Been?

To quote Todd Rundgren, "Hello, it's me."

Sorry for the prolonged absence, but the past two months have been absolutely brutal. Yes, I've watched movies, but there hasn't been enough time to devote to the blog. The primary reason? I've actually had freelance jobs that paid, and those come first.

So, what have I been up to? Join me on a magical journey through space and time...

--Writing promotional copy for a corporate Website. This took up a good two weeks in February. I enjoyed the work, and the pay was fantastic.

--Reviewing books for Publishers Weekly. For some reason, PW ignores me for a month and then sends me one book after another. I also had the chance to interview author Robert Sabbag on his new book, Down Around Midnight. It's a very good book written by a helluva nice guy.

--Working on an article for TCNJ Magazine. That's due at the end of the week. Not too worried about it.

--After a long correspondence, getting rejected to write movie reviews for Hooters Magazine. I'm still not quite sure what happened here.

--Three job interviews...Including one last week that I'm feeling very pumped up about. We'll see how that goes.

--Home renovation work with my Dad. It's been educational, fun, but draining. Here's the scheme: I get up at 4:40 in the morning, travel with my Dad to Poughkeepsie, and then paint, compound, and lug heavy objects. We're usually home by 3 p.m., but I'm useless. I was working with him two days a week.

--PR work for my brother and his terrific T-shirt (Viva Shea!), which you can buy at It's been profiled in The Daily News, and we're hoping for more sweet publicity. Buy a shirt, goofballs!

--Helping two friends move, plus my girlfriend's brother got married last week...She looked great, by the way.

...So, I'm hoping to have a bunch of reviews and observations posted in the next week, so please, please join us, or rather me.

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Nick Cartagena said...

Great Blog Pete. Thanks for writing. Due to family obligations and work hours, I never get to go to the movies anymore. As such, I have to rely on Netflix.

This weekend I saw The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and The Love Guru. I saw that you gave the Boy in Striped Pajamas a good review. I agree that it was a good movie. I found the ending to be a little shocking. After the movie Liz and I just looked at each other and were like “Wow, what just happened!”

The Love Guru really wasn’t that good. It had some potential at times, but I think it failed to deliver.

We also rented Milk, but haven’t had a chance to see it yet.

Top movies that I want to see now are the Wrestler and Slum Dog, though I am going to have to wait for the DVD.

I also really wanted to see the Watchmen, but my friends who have seen it say that the movie is a bit over hyped. I guess I will wait until it comes out on DVD, though I feel like I will miss much of the special effects of the movie.

Hope all is well.

Nick Cartagena