Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Finally, A Good Trailer

The last trailer that got me super-excited was Revolutionary Road, which didn't turn out so well. My ears are still ringing from all the yelling.

(Before I continue, a note to aspiring screenwriters: Stop churning out screenplays where the leafy splendor of the suburbs belies a domestic hell. Novelists do a better job exploring the terrain, plus not everybody who lives in a Cape and has a nice lawn is losing their soul or longing to recapture their bohemian past. Irony received. Thanks.)

Anyway, the best trailer I've seen since then is another upcoming film from Sam Mendes, Away We Go. I caught a glimpse of it Saturday afternoon before Duplicity, and I'm psyched. The story looks amazing, and everyone who's in it I like: Jeff Daniels (a first ballot member of the Movie Beard Hall of Fame), Maya Rudolph, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Jim "Hot Pockets" Gaffigan.

And, hey ladies, Jon Krasinski is in it! With John Cusack getting older, someone needs to fill the sensitive cute guy void.

For those you already knew about this movie months ago, my apologies. I purposely avoid reading casting and movie news as it keeps the element of surprise fresh. Two other reasons: That would push me into the deep, deep chasm of fanboyhood, which I don't want, and it makes what I do feel less like work.

Of course, that surprise cuts both ways. For example, I just found out a week ago that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was cast in G.I. Joe, which could explain why I've been so moody of late.
The soothing snarkiness of those newshounds from Entertainment Weekly was sorely missed.

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