Monday, July 22, 2013

Q&A for Film Racket with Gabriela Cowperthwaite and John Hargrove of "Blackfish"

Yeah, it looks pretty, but once the show ends? Not so much.
A terrific movie and, I must say, a really good experience: Cowperthwaite and Hargrove were eager and eloquent. And they have a very reason to be: Blackfish has a lot to say and does it in a measured but compassionate way. It was hard to cut the transcript down to size. 

One thing I did learn from this interview--which took place in a Philadelphia hotel on a broiling June day--is that I can walk four blocks wearing jeans and a collared shirt on a 95 degree day and not sweat like James Brown on his second encore. That information will come in very handy some day, I think. And it's one reason why I wear shorts whenever possible. I would have gotten married in them if I were given the opportunity. 

And there's the backstory, kids. You can read the Q&A right here.  

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