Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Why the Hell Did I Watch? Father of the Bride...

A relentless work week and a comfortable couch is a dangerous mix, friends. Though I was able to burrow through my weekend haze to observe the following: 

1.) Diane Keaton's comedic talents being squandered.

2.) Nancy Meyers, foreshadowing her work as the genius behind menopausal porn, asks us to sympathize with the economic woes of a family that lives in a house that's bigger than everyplace I've ever lived in. Combined. Including the hospital I was born in. 

3.) The uncomfortable fetishizing behind daddy's little girl. Does this happen? I know fathers are protective of their daughters--as they should--but isn't there some sense of Gee, I'm happy my daughter has found the love of her life? And that can be conveyed without the actors looking like they want to jump each other's bones?

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