Monday, January 28, 2013

Review of "The Last Stand"

Insert catchphrase here. 
I'm sorry this is so late. It has been a crazy stretch, highlighted by a couple of time-intensive writing assignments. The review ran last week in The Weekender. You can read it right here.

Now, I wasn't a giant fan of the movie, but the Sunday morning crowd I caught this with loved it. The folks actually applauded at the end, a puzzling move. First, why the hell are we celebrating this monument to stupidity? Two, it's not like Arnold Schwarzengger is going to pull a "Purple Rose of Cairo" and thank everyone for the gesture.

Third, why are we applauding something we've seen before? We might as well celebrate an appliance. Oh, the toaster handled my Pop Tart! Bravo! 

FYI: The last time I remember people applauding so heartily at a movie theater? "The Lucky One," Nicholas Sparks' latest ode to pretty, tortured souls making love in luxuriously rustic accommodations. Hmm....

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