Thursday, March 3, 2011

"IV" Does Not Equal "N"

After a six-month hiatus--not a title misspelled, not an unintentional pun displayed--my hometown movie theater really outdid itself.

It took me about a minute to decipher the first title as "Unknown." And I was standing in front of the damn thing. How is anyone driving 45 mph going to figure that out? "Gee, honey, I never heard of that first one. Is it Russian or something?"

The other three aren't as spectacular, but pretty fantastic. "Beber" actually means "to drink" in Spanish. I'd like to imagine some uptight intellectual all excited that he's seeing some Almodovar-inspired masterpiece, only to discover he's watching the celluloid PR spin of a shaggy-haired pop star.

Also I find it amazing that both words in "Gnomeo and Juliet" are spelled incorrectly, while "Just Go" sounds like a pathetic plea to visit the movie theater: "Come on, just go inside. We'll be your best friend."

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Kurtis O said...

Love it. It took me a minute to get the first one, too, and you even told me about it. And what you said about "beber" made me laugh out loud. I sure hope this theater keeps it up.