Thursday, July 29, 2010

Goodbye, Scene It?

I'm preparing to sell my condo, which means that I've been donating or throwing away all of the crap I've accumulated for the past five-plus years. I've gotten rid of old takeout menus, unread books, and kitchen stuff that I can't identify. Seriously, I just threw outsomething that looked like conjoined oven mitts.

One item that I donated to Goodwill this afternoon was Scene It?, the DVD movie game. I had bought it after I moved in for my housewarming party. Maybe we played it, maybe we didn't. All that I know is that since March 2005 the game has not been opened.

So, why didn't Scene It? become the game of my young adulthood? There are a few reasons: First, you need at least four people to play, and I rarely have that many people over. (My condo is really meant for one or two people, tops, before people start bumping into each other and oxygen runs out.) Second, not all of my friends are movie buffs, so they may not want to endure a game that revolves around nothing but film. Third, it's no fun if one or two people dominate the game. Everyone needs to be on the same level.

That happened a few years back, when a friend hosted a soiree that included Scene It?. My brother and I were in attendance, and we proceeded to put on a film geek throwdown, answering questions at lighting speed as the other guests looked on in abject horror. I realized then that perhaps displaying my gift for movie trivia may not be the best way to get the ladies' affection--or anyone else's, for that matter.

Now some other schmuck will learn that unfortunate lesson. God's speed, Scene It?.

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