Sunday, August 3, 2008

Scenes from a Screening Room, Act II

Several weeks ago, I mentioned an amusing encounter at the Magno screening room in NYC. A story from the Sony Screening Room nearly tops it.

The Sony Screening Room is in the Sony Building, which is well-staffed with security. Before you can mosey throughout the building, you are greeted by two guards sitting at a desk. If you're there for a screening, you take a seat until the film's publicist arrives with tickets. However, if you need to see anyone else it's not that easy.

I found this out while attending a screening of Frozen River. I was in the elevator to the front lobby with two other people--a courier dressed in a Vince Young jersey and a disheveled woman who looked wobbly at best.

The elevator stopped. The courier went to the mail room, and the woman was ahead of me. Here's the conversation to the best of my recollection:

Security Guard: May I help you?
Woman: I'm here to collect a payment from someone at Sony?
Security Guard: OK, who?
Woman: Sony, you know, Janet Jackson? The music company.
Security Guard (remaining remarkably composed): Well, you can't go in unless you have an appointment?
Woman: Well, er, er...
Security Guard: To get into the building, you need to go to the phone and call 311.
Woman: What's that number?
Security Guard: 311.
Woman: Where can I dial it?
Security Guard (Smile forming): Downstairs...

This converation went on for about a minute and a half while I waited to check in. After the lady left, the security guard and his female cohort burst into laughter.
"Is that a normal interaction for you guys?"
"No," they gasped.

Hey, at least they didn't have to deal with a douchebag yammering in their ear.

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