Saturday, March 23, 2013

Why the Hell Did I Watch? "Fear"

I had just watched Aurora Borealis (which is absolutely lovely, by the way) and was in a sedentary groove that comes from a day off. And then I stumbled upon James Foley's ridiculous ode to teen love gone crazy, and I couldn't stop watching.

In my haze, I realized that Fear works best if you constantly scream at the characters like a douchebag. Like, "Ah, no, Judging Amy don't answer the door" and "Ooh, Gil Grissom, kick Marky Mark's ass." It was glorious to do this alone in my living room; my wife probably disagrees. I'd probably die from ecstasy if I did this in a movie theater.

Fear is one of those movies that I watch because I always forget about what happens. Then, I watch thinking that the thing will improve. It doesn't. Then I kick myself for having watched 35 minutes of Mark Wahlberg and his stupid menacing whimper-whisper.

I will say this: The ending is truly phenomenal. William Peterson throws Wahlberg out the window, but it looks like Wahlberg is blasted out of a cannon. And I love the crunch sound at the end. (Go to the 1:45 mark.)

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