Friday, January 6, 2012

Review of "War Horse"

In my best Gene Shalit voice: "It's horseshit!" You can read my review for "The Weekender" right here.

And, thanks to my brother Dave, for spotting this Shalit mash-up, which originally appeared on It's delightful--or depressing.

You decide.

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Rahul said...

War Horse is an exceptional film. But I do believe that this ToI review has been more generous to it that many Western critics. Although not commercially unsuccessful, this film is clearly not oriented towards non-artistic film goers. But even from an artistic point of view, the war-theme depicted has nothing to offer that other classics like Saving Private Ryan or No Man's Land haven't already done. The only refreshingly new scene in the movie was the (fictional) banter between a German and an English soldier engaged in freeing Joey, when he's stuck in the cross-fire. Fictional or not, Spielberg did manage to bring forth the (animal loving) human being behind the rifle triggers and bayonets, and for that he deserves credit. I loved the movie and so high rate it high. But no harm in expecting greater things from the greatest.