Friday, October 22, 2010

The Benefits of Moving In? Paul Giamatti Joins You

As you know, I recently moved in with my fiancee. It's been terrific so far, but one of the benefits is that we merged DVD collections. Because our tastes align more than depart, I've acquired some nifty titles. Here's what I like.

1.) "American Splendor": A gem of a character study; one of those movies that gets better 3 percent after every viewing.

2.) "Cinderella Man": The most underrated sports movie of the last 15 years. The story is amazing and so is Russell Crowe. Is there anyone who directs movies for the masses better than Ron Howard?

(The fiancee is a big Paul Giamatti fan. Believe it or not, I once dated a girl who was a big Dane Cook fan and owned his movies on DVD. Hard to believe that didn't last, huh?)

3.) "Legally Blonde": If you ever want to see an example of a performance elevating a film, it's Reese Witherspoon's here. And the story is smarter and funnier than you think.

4.) "Waiting for Guffman" and "This is Spinal Tap": How does she own these and I don't?

But there is some bad news. She brought the following with her:

1.)"Something's Gotta Give": With the exception of "The Holiday," I detest Nancy Meyers as a filmmaker.

2.) "As Good as It Gets": A gooball from the James L. Brooks "don't forget your handkerchief" manipulation factory. I'm pretty sure Meyers interned there.

3.) "School of Rock": Never did much for me, even though I like everyone involved.

As long as those movies don't interrupt my nightly viewings of "Shattered Glass," we should make it.

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