Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm Such a Newshound

A few weeks back I posted that I written a profile on Tom McCarthy for "Park Place", a sister publication of "New Jersey Monthly". I'm proud of the piece, specifically because I busted my ass on it.
It took nearly two years from the idea phase to the story being printed in November. Here's a brief timeline, according to my hazy memory.

Consider this a look into the glamorous world of professional writing.

July 2008: Am invited by Overture Films to a screening of McCarthy's The Visitor. Impressed, I remember that McCarthy is a New Jersey native. Remember that I have a contact at "New Jersey Monthly", who urged me to send story ideas after passing on a few I had sent.

August 2008: Submit an interview request with Overture Films PR person. Good to go.

August 2008: Write to my contact at "NJ Monthly." They're on board.

September 2008: Write back to PR person at Overture Films. Say that I'll be writing piece for NJ Monthly.

For the next three months, I'm back and forth with PR person (a sweetheart of a guy) at Overture to check on Tom's availability, which is jam-packed. He's busy with a thousand projects, writing "Up", shooting hoops with George Clooney, who knows.

December 2008: See preview of "Duplicity". See that McCarthy is in it. Recall that I should probably check in to see what McCarthy is up to.

January 2009: Email PR person at Overture. Can't help me, but he does refer me to Universal rep for 'Duplicity". Put in an interview request.

January through April is sent exchanging emails with Universal and "New Jersey Monthly" so they don't forget about me. Patience wearing a bit thin. I feel like I'm putting in an interview request with Rihanna, whoever that is.

April 2009: Success! McCarthy is available for an interview. Hold it. Can't do it...Wait, he can do it on the 17th. I'm told I'll get 20 minutes.

April 15, 2009: Come up with interview questions and buy a tape recorder after my old one dies. Interview is on April 17.

April 16, 2009: I'm watching "The King of Queens" when the phone rings.

It's Tom McCarthy.

He's early, which is completely cool because I (purely by accident) bought the tape recorder and prepared questions. If I had postponed, who knows when he would have been available. I turn the TV off, and get to work.

Interview goes for 40 minutes. He's a delight, and I get my story, which I file in early May after securing interviews with a couple of secondary sources.

And that's the world of professional writing.

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