Monday, June 15, 2009

WPW, Bringing People Together Since, Uh, Now

With social network sites all the rage, it's easier than ever to reunite with people than ever before. Sometimes this is a good thing; sometimes not so much. Believe it or not, some stuff from the past should just stay right where it is. As Billy Joel once said, "The good days aren't always so good and tomorrow is not bad as it seems."

Then again, Billy Joel also wrote "We Didn't Start the Fire" and parted ways with drummer extraordinaire Liberty DeVito, so consider the source.

OK, getting back on track, I never thought this blog could reintroduce me to lost friends. But in between all the pictures of Anne Hathaway and book recommendations, that's exactly what happened. I guess you can thank Facebook, but when Tiki Barber does his soft focus story for Dateline NBC , I want my credit.

I had lost touch with my friend Javier years ago. There were no big arguments or anything, but the details of adulthood threw us off course. So I was pleasantly surprised, when I noticed that Javier, who I had known since the sixth grade, was a follower of the site.

(His younger sister, my friend on Facebook, tipped him off about the blog. Why I didn't just ask her for Javier's contact information is simply beyond me. Good thing I'm not in a line of work that requires keen investigative skills, eh?)

During my one year retrospective, I gave him a shout-out, and he dropped me a line soon thereafter. I'm happy to say that we met up recently and had a great time, picking up right where we left off a decade ago.

So, all those naysayers who think this site is frivolous can suck it. We're bringing lost friends together! Is Glenn Kenny's blog doing that? Doubtful. What about Ebert's?

While you ponder that, I'll wait to hear from the producers at Dateline and send my best wifebeater to the cleaners.

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